Monday, September 6, 2010

Truth or Fiction?

Thanks, Terry Stonecrop at Gardner West Private Eye, for bestowing the Creative (Liar) Writer Award on me.  It’s the ginchiest.

So the deal is, I tell six lies and one truth about me. Can you guess which one is true?

Next week I’ll tell you who is right and pass along the award. Good luck and thanks for playing! 

brunette meganfox

1. I prefer brunettes.

gardner's paris apartment

2.  I lease this Paris apartment on the Rue de Something-or-Other.


3. I crave orange juice after sex.

gardner cocktail deck

  4. This is my spiffy “cocktail deck” in Back Bay.


5. I suffer from chronic impotence, or as it’s called in your time, ED. You guys have an acronym and a euphemism for everything.


6. The Flintstones is my favorite TV show. It airs at night, my time, and is considered more of an adult cartoon.

bacon, eggs home fries 

7. I hate a big breakfast.