Monday, September 6, 2010

Truth or Fiction?

Thanks, Terry Stonecrop at Gardner West Private Eye, for bestowing the Creative (Liar) Writer Award on me.  It’s the ginchiest.

So the deal is, I tell six lies and one truth about me. Can you guess which one is true?

Next week I’ll tell you who is right and pass along the award. Good luck and thanks for playing! 

brunette meganfox

1. I prefer brunettes.

gardner's paris apartment

2.  I lease this Paris apartment on the Rue de Something-or-Other.


3. I crave orange juice after sex.

gardner cocktail deck

  4. This is my spiffy “cocktail deck” in Back Bay.


5. I suffer from chronic impotence, or as it’s called in your time, ED. You guys have an acronym and a euphemism for everything.


6. The Flintstones is my favorite TV show. It airs at night, my time, and is considered more of an adult cartoon.

bacon, eggs home fries 

7. I hate a big breakfast.


  1. Hey Gardner, what's shakin'? Congratulations on the award! It couldn't have gone to a cooler cat. ;]

    I read somewhere that nowadays, most men (55% or something like that) prefer brunettes, but back in your time I bet it was blondes... And what kind of man doesn't like a big breakfast? That Parisian apartment looks very romantic and it would suit you, but... I think I'm gonna go with #4 being your truth. Or maybe 3 or 6??? All I know is that I'd be afraid to say that I think it's chronic impotence...

  2. Hey Amanda, Thanks for stopping by, kid! I hope you don't mind me calling you, kid. It's a phrase we use in my time for cute young babes, and we mean it in the nicest sense.

    One of your guesses was right. Which one do you think it was?...

    I'll give you a hint, you're right: impotence is beyond riciculous.

  3. Call me whatever you like. ;]

    Hmm... you don't make it easy on a kid, do you?

    I'm still gonna go with #4. That cocktail deck looks like a place you'd hang out at, without trading in your soul to afford it.

  4. Good guess, kid. That is a nifty cocktail deck. Much nicer than Ter's in the Caribbean. She has no taste.

  5. I'm going with number four as the truth. I looks like the kind of low key place a private eye would call home, an oasis away from the glamor of his job. :D

  6. Hey, Nicole, Thanks for stopping by and guessing!

    Sitting around with a thermos of coffee watching other people have fun, and being shot at and beat up, really isn't as glamourus as it's cracked up to be.

    But what is? And I'm glad you think so;) I'd probably think being a writer is glamorous, if I didn't know Ter:D

  7. I will go with 1, 4 and 6 as the truth Gardner because my kind of PI just has to have those haha... Hugs and thanks for sending Terri babes my kisses xo

    wild Rose~

  8. Hey, Wild Rose babes, Thanks for playing!

    It's funny, no one's guessing the apartment in Paris.

    Ter isn't someone I generally kiss, but I managed it for you:) Hugs and xoxxo.

  9. Ooh I get the feeling Gardner loves his brunettes and often whisks his favourite lady off to that fab apartment in Paris! I saying Paris! Oui!

  10. Hey Talei, I love new babes stopping by. I love all babes stopping by. Thanks for playing:]

    I hope you don't mind me calling you a babe. Some chicks in your time do. So let me know.

    I do love me my brunettes, OUI!

  11. I'm guessing 3 or four. Somehow, I see you as the type of guy that would crave OJ - but maybe you'd a little vodka too.

    But definitely see you on that little balcony, sipping away at a cup of joe early in the am. Just suites you.


  12. Hey, Donna babe, Glad you stopped by! And thanks for playing. Good guesses.

    Yeah, we call vodka and OJ screwdrivers in my time. I suppose you still do in yours:]

  13. Welcome back, Gardner, I've missed you! I'm guessing the apartment in Paris. I know you like blondes, sex and most likely a cigarette after, not oj. Flintstones? Not you. Viagra? it's either the flat or apartment and I'm picking Paris.

    Happy Turkey Day you hunk, Olivia

  14. Hey Olivia, LOL and Thanks! I've missed you too:]

    I like your guess. I probably should post the answer one day soon. Ya think?

    You have a great Turkey Day too, Gorgeous!