Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

beachy sex

You gotta love it out on Cape Cod. In the summertime, it’s where all the action is, at least in ‘64. I don’t know what they may have done with it, in your time. Babes Port, Massachusetts. My kind of party!

babes port cape cod

I went in on a cottage with a couple of poker buddies in Babes Port. What can I say? I had a nifty vacation. No interruptions, no dead bodies. Just live babe bodies. We all know how chicks are when they go away on vacation. All their good-girl-rules fly out the window. . . where they belong.

Bonus Prize: I got away from Ter. She’s always beating me up and shooting at me. Her sex scenes, suck out loud, and not in a good way. Geesh, she’s got to learn to be more sexually explicit and less explicitly violent.

But, hey, that’s what holidays are for  - escape. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a coupla thou for you. 

beach sex My vacation fun in the sun. . .

bed lovers

my vacation fun out of the sun.

Seize the day,” as they say. . . and the night.

I think I can skip the push-ups this week.  After all that action, this man needs a nice, cold ‘Gansett, sponsors of the Boston Red Sox, in my time.

narragansett beer

Thanks for stopping in. Meanwhile, let’s have a cold one, on me, before I head back to work.  

Bottoms up! Cherchez la babes!


  1. Sam McCord's just glad you made it back in working order. In his experience, the prettier the femme fatale the sharper is her sting.

    I'll try to ask Terry to go easy on you with the violence ... don't get your hopes up, Roland and Sam.

  2. Hey, Roland and Sam - Thanks! Yeah, I won't get my hopes up.

    But you know what, the femme fatale in my lastest case, is not what you'd call pretty. She has BS down to an art form,if you get my drift. I think she manages an aura of beauty. Not sex appeal, that's a different thing.

    BTW, to give you a leg up, Ter's blogging about "spirit of place" tonight at exactly neurotically, one minute past midnight. (She's got a thing about some bewitching hour.) And she mentions New Orleans. I know she'd love to hear your take.

  3. Glad you're back! And I see you've got some super sexy pictures as a souvenir for us!

    If I had mega moola, I'd get me one of those beautiful mansions they have up in Cape Cod. Plus, there's bound to be a lot of good-looking rich guys just strollin' around on the beach...

  4. Thanks, Amanda babe! Good to see you too, kid.

    Looking for the rich guys? Hmm. Try yachting. They love their yachts. Or crash a big clam bake. Of course I'm talking my time...

  5. So, did you even stand up on your vacation?

  6. Funny, Ter. Sure I did. I had to stand up at the bar to order drinks, didn't I?


    Thanks for the cold one Hon; and the gifts you brought me earlier. Absolutely panting over your pictures and vacation quips. Can't wait for more.


  8. Hey, Thank you, Donna babe! And you're welcome, sweet thing. I hope you enjoy them.;]

  9. Love the new blog!!! Gonna have a blast reading what Gardner West has to say, in his very own space. Too fun!!

  10. Thank you, Nicole babe!!! And thanks for stopping by.

    Hope you don't mind my calling you, babe. Ter just told me not all women in your time like to be called nice names. Go figure.

    Welcome back from your vacation. Hope you had as good a time in Paris as I did out on the cape.

  11. Great you came back and now that is some hanky punky the imagery way too much :)

  12. Wild Rose babe, Love the name! Wild is a good thing;]

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Glad you enjoyed the show.